Food Service OperationsINTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies

This Exchange visitor program is designed for a citizen of a foreign country. The Intern and Trainee program offers the opportunity to add an international experience in your field of study or expertise.

Phase 1 – Orientation – April 01 to April 15


Orientation will serve as the foundation for the participant to begin to gain knowledge in departments ranging from the kitchen to the dining room to catering. The participant will become familiar with the YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch which services up to 2100 guests/staff per day during the busy seasons. The Food Service Department manages three different venues. The department operates year round and strives to ensure serving excellence to both guests and staff at Snow Mountain Ranch.


The first weeks of participant's training will be spent covering the following: YMCA Orientation, YMCA Policies, Service Essentials and Procedures; Kitchen Orientation, location of kitchens, tools, china, etc.; Introductions to personnel and facilities, teaching of basic culinary skills, sanitation and safety rules.

Phase 2 - Kitchen Operations – April 16 to October 01


The objective of this phase is to provide the participant an understanding of the general policies, standards and procedures of the kitchen facilities and equipment, including the overall functioning of the facility, as well as safety procedures for equipment in order to set the foundation for success in future phases.


Through practical training and shadowing, the participant will perform the following tasks: plan and prepare a menu for an entire week, make estimates of ingredient amounts needed for that menu without being wasteful, place food orders, conduct inventories, manage the preparation of the food, organize storage areas and food stock management, and create and organize the preparations for the cold buffet lines. These tasks will be under the supervision and guidance of the Food Service Manager.

Phase 3 – Front of House Management: Buckboard Grill – October 02 to January 01


The participant will learn how to supervise and train up to 15 employees, prepare and organize the schedules and job assignments, perform inventory, supervise cashiering procedures and money management.


Through practical training, the participant will manage the organization of activities in the Buckboard Grill including supervising a crew to set up refreshment orders, fill sack lunch requests and attend to guests. The participant will prepare and organize the employee schedules and job assignments. The participant will supervise cash management procedures, take inventory of supplies and food and place orders as needed.

Phase 4 – Front of House Management II: Skinny Ski Café – January 02 to April 01


Building upon previous kitchen, dining room management and employee management skills, the participant will learn and independently manage overall operations of the Skinny Ski Cafe.


The participant will be given illustrative tasks to learn how to supervise and train the staff at the Skinny Ski Cafe underneath the guidance of the Food Service Director. The participant will take key learnings and independently plan, develop and implement a daily menu for the Skinny Ski Cafe that caters to the needs of this specialized clientele.

Additional Phase Remarks

The participant will have mandatory classes during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons as part of their training program. The classes will cover a variety of topics. The leadership of the YMCA of the Rockies will hold classes on the operations of a hospitality business such as the YMCA of the Rockies, the financial processes of a non-profit that makes $25 million per year, how both Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch operate, basic notions on philanthropy and the importance of donations for the YMCA of the Rockies. There will also be speakers talking about professional skills necessary in the participant’s future career such as Conflict Management, Diversity, Marketing, Public Speaking, Creating and Using High Performing Teams, and Maintaining Healthy Relationships in the Workplace. The participant will also learn about personal skills that are key in becoming independent such as how to Budget, Resume and Interview Skills. The participant will have to do 2 presentations. One in a local school about their home country and culture, and one in front of YMCA of the Rockies leadership and coworkers about the YMCA in their home country.


The phases order and dates might change.

If you are an American citizens/permanent resident looking for and internship opportunity please apply for a seasonal position in the department of your preference and include an interest in an internship in your application.