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At the YMCA of the Rockies, we believe we have something special—a sense of community—and that everyone should have access to it, along with the programs and services that make a positive impact. As part of our mission, the YMCA of the Rockies offers a Work & Travel program and a Camp Counselors (ICCP) program. These programs allows you to explore the United States and boost your CV by gaining valuable international work experience, it connects your enthusiasm for cultural understanding and public diplomacy to work with American businesses.

These opportunities vary at each of the YMCA of the Rockies two locations. Explore what options are available to you and learn more about our selection process for this program.

Program Eligibility

Applicants for the Work/Travel or Camp Counselor Program must already have a work visa sponsored by a company that we regularly work with. We do not offer self-placements.


Provides the opportunity to live, work and travel for up to 4-months in the US.. This program allows College and University student’s enrolled full time and pursuing studies at post-secondary accredited academic institutions located outside the United States come to the United States to share their culture and ideas with people of the United States through temporary work and travel opportunities.


The Camp Counselor Program enables postsecondary students, youth workers, and teachers to share their culture and ideas with the people of the United States in camp settings throughout the country.

Positions we hire

Food Service

Estes Park Center & Snow Mountain Ranch

Summer and Winter Season


Estes Park Center & Snow Mountain Ranch

Summer and Winter Season

Camp Counselors

Estes Park Center, Snow Mountain Ranch, Camp Chief Ouray

During the Summer Only

Additional Information on Work & Travel/ICCP Programs

Do I get paid to participate in the International program?
Yes! Our participants will be paid Colorado minimum wage. Participants will also receive their share of the Appreciation Fund (tips) given by our guests.
Do I get time off?
Absolutely! We want you to explore the beautiful surroundings and take advantage of the Y’s amenities and staff discounts at various local attractions. We believe in building healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
Do I have to pay for meals?
Yes, you do need to pay for meals. You will receive a Room and Board agreement as part of your hiring process with detailed information for you to review.
Who do I contact for more information or with questions?
Please contact us at for more information or if you have any questions.
How long before my J1 program starts can I arrive in the YMCA of the Rockies?
You can arrive up to 2 days before the start date of your work agreement.
Do I need a sponsor for the Day Camp - Summer Work program?
Yes. The State Department designates U.S. government, academic and private sector entities to conduct educational and cultural exchange programs. To participate in the Exchange Visitor Program, foreign nationals must be sponsored by one of the State Department-designated sponsors. The program sponsors are responsible for screening and selecting eligible foreign nationals for participation in their designated exchange visitor program, as well as supporting and monitoring exchange visitors during their stay in the United States.
Where is the nearest airport?
The nearest airport to our location is Denver International Airport.
Do I get picked up from the airport?
Participants MUST send their arrival information to Amanda at at least two weeks in advance of arrival. We will then schedule your shuttle depending on which location you are traveling to. Participants should not arrive more than three days before their DS-2020 start date, as their room may not yet be vacant or prepared.
What to pack?
As you get ready to start packing your bags to travel to beautiful Colorado, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below is a list of suggested items to pack for your experience at the Y. But remember to pack lightly; dorm rooms are small and you may have up to three (3) roommates.

Clothing: Temperatures in the mountains change very fast. Please make sure to pack WARM CLOTHES!
  • All Seasons: black pants/blue jeans, sweatshirts/sweaters, jacket or parka, t-shirts, swimsuit, as well as some nice clothes for special occasions.
  • Winter Season (September—May): heavy coat, scarf, gloves, boots, and hat for cold weather and snow.
  • Rain Gear: no umbrellas due to lightning
  • Good walking shoes and/or hiking boots
  • Alarm Clock
  • Shower Sandals
  • Container to carry personal items to shower room
  • Musical instrument if you play one
  • Sporting gear appropriate to the season
  • Camera
  • Adapters for electronics: American outlets are different from other countries, and there are no adapters sold near our facility.
  • Cultural Items: Bring items that represent your home country for cultural events
Our facility is 3 miles from town and there is limited transportation, so bring anything else you think you might need. Because we are located in a tourist area, items for sale in the local stores can be expensive.
Is there public transportation in the area?
The YMCA of the Rockies is located in a rural area in the Mountains, there is no public transportation in the area.
Are drugs and/or alcohol permitted?
In accordance with our healthy spirit/mind/body mission and federal law, we have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol or drugs on property; in addition, no drug use is tolerated (including marijuana) during your employment with us whether on or off-duty. If you want to use marijuana, don’t apply for our International programs.

Meet some of our team members.

  • Customer Testimonails

    I appreciate that my coworkers and my supervisor are always willing to help me if I don’t know something. Some days are crazy busy in the Conference Department, but we work together as a good team.

    Uyanga, Snow Mountain Ranch
  • Customer Testimonails

    My favorite part about working at the YMCA is meeting people from other countries and learning about their cultures. You basically become friends for life!

    Mario, Estes Park Center
  • Customer Testimonails

    I love the YMCA’s core values that we apply every day and I love the people I work with. I have learned so much since I first arrived here. I’m so grateful!

    Allison, Estes Park Center
  • Customer Testimonails

    My favorite part of working at the YMCA of the Rockies is working at the front desk and interacting with different people. It is so wonderful getting to work with people from all over the world.

    Sainbayar, Estes Park Center

Meet some of our team members.

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